Surrogacy: My Journey and Business

Jan 11, 2019 | Introduction | 0 comments

My name is Crystal, I have three kids ages 16, 13, and 5. I am also a surrogate. I had a girl via surrogacy in 2015 and twin boys in 2017. Now I’m on another surrogacy journey and the embryo transfer will be on January 21st. Today I went in for a monitoring appointment where the doctor checked my uterine lining to make sure it was “fluffy” and my blood work is where it should be. Everything is perfect. I can’t wait for the 21st. 

Earlier this week I decided to start this webpage and blog. The main purpose is so I can help size breast pump flanges aka breast shields. I already had a couple of people who scheduled appointments with me. I turned my hobby into my passion and I hope that this will become a resource for many women. Who knew there would be such a need to size flanges! Save The Milk! 

I am married, going on 14 years in March. My husband and I bought a mechanic shop and we will officially get the keys on January 15th. Grand opening on February 2nd. 

As I said, so much going on! I would love for you to come back and read what’s going on here. I’m sure it will take me a few entries to figure out what direction I want my blog to go in, I hope you will be patient! 

Update: It’s now 2024, I have completed 4 surrogacy journeys with one set of twins. My kids are 21, 18, and 10, and I will be celebrating my 19 year wedding anniversary soon! My flange sizing business is doing well and I even created three of my own breast pumping products

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