"Amazing Help"


Crystal was an amazing help. She was patient, thoughtful and thorough every step of the way in troubleshooting  my problem and guiding me to finding the right size flange. Before her, I experienced a lot of pain when pumping. Not anymore! NO discomfort at all. Crystal was friendly, personable and responsive! I'm so happy to have worked with her to fix my issue. - Katiana Anglade-Ogwueleka

"She Cares"


Very helpful with getting me into the correct flange! Easy to talk to and you can tell she cares! - Bridgett Shelton

"Extremely knowledgeable"


One afternoon I was browsing through my pumping groups in hopes for a solution. My nipples were in so much pain. I was 2.5 months in of exclusively pumping and the pain was becoming worse and my supply was decreasing. I cam across Crystal offering assistance to ladies. I reached out and she answered very quick. She was extremely knowledgeable and helped me figure out the best size for my flanges. I can't believe how much of a difference! I'm not hurting and my supply has increased. Crystal has been a blessing. - Kimberly Ann Carey

"without seeing me in person"

Breast pump flange / shields

Crystal is extremely helpful! We are both apart of an exclusive pumping Facebook group. I have had the hardest time on my pumping journey. And just before throwing in the towel, Crystal was able to tell me that I was using the wrong size flange and that's where my problem stemmed from. She was able to quickly size me (without seeing me in person!!) to the right size flange. There was a "tremendous" amount of woman seeking help with sizing in the group and she took the time to help each of us individually. Definitely recommend!!! - Madison Johnston

"I'm getting more milk out"


Crystal was very helpful in assessing my correct flange size. I never knew I needed to look at that, but after talking to Crystal, I was able to order my correct size, and guess what? I am not experiencing pain like I was, and I'm getting more milk out. A very big thank you from my family to Crystal! - Angela Kelly

"you saved my pumping journey"


 So I first need to say that you are and Angel sent from above for the pumping moms of this world ❤ I switched to the 21 flanges and it has made a world of a difference. It is not longer painful and I can put a bra on right after pumping without crying. Honestly I was on the road of quitting pumping. You saved me and am so grateful that I can still continue to provide my LO with "liquid Gold".  - Brittany Crown