Top Apps for Your Baby’s First Years

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You know that parenting is a hands-on job, but sometimes, your hands should reach for your phone. The apps you install now can help you get through some of parenthood’s most daunting
challenges, such as illnesses and letting them sleep in their own room. The power to parent lies within you, but the apps we’ll look at here can give you an edge. Keep scrolling for what to
download and why along with advice for using your digital tools away from home.

The Right Phone
You can’t download everything you need if you don’t have a phone that can handle it. Look at your device, and if it doesn’t have more than a few gigs of memory, start shopping. A few popular phones among moms are the iPhone 12 and the Asus Zenfone. Apple’s newest release makes an impression because of its super-strong screen, smart photo capabilities, and low light shooting (because you will take pics at midnight and you won’t want to wake your LO). Computer manufacturer Asus delivers a mom-friendly phone that allows you to prioritize 10 apps and take great selfies with a unique flip-up camera. Both feature long-living batteries. And given that smartphones can sometimes take a beating from the little ones, it may be a good idea to purchase a phone case that’s both sturdy and stylish.

Apps for #MomLife
Now that your phone can accommodate your parenting apps, download these first.

WebMD Baby calls WebDM Baby the app that “leaves no stone unturned when it comes to your child’s health.” With hundreds of baby-specific articles and doc-approved data on everything from sleep patterns to common feeding issues, this app is a must-have for new parents. Trust us that every sniffle, sneeze, and sleepless night will have you Googling medical conditions non-stop; it’s best to have accurate information available before you digitally diagnose your baby with a devastating disease (that’s all in your head).

In addition to medical info, you will also likely want to track every move your new family member makes. BabyTime takes journaling your baby’s schedule to an impressive new level. While it might not seem interesting before having children, once you’re a mom or dad, you’ll soon start obsessing over every empty bottle and dirty diaper.

Baby Monitor 3G
Something else you’ll fixate on is your baby’s sleeping habits. When you’re not in the room, you will worry that they have stopped breathing and be tempted to rush in every few minutes. With Baby Monitor 3G, however, you don’t have to panic. You can use this app to keep track of your napping infant while you have a much-deserved cup of coffee on the deck.

Breastfeeding – Baby Tracker
This app allows moms to monitor their breastfeeding times and details. You can track which side your baby last nursed on, along with analyzing the times of feedings and how long the feedings took.

Cozi Family Calendar and Organizer
We admit that it sounds a bit cliche, but it really does take a village to get your baby from infant to adult. Thankfully, you can delegate tasks to your village, share your daily to-do lists, and even manage your grocery shopping trips all by your phone. The Cozi Family Calendar and Organizer is an easy-to-use and intuitive app that makes it possible. You can even use the app to create and share pictures and a monthly newsletter updating your out-of-town family and friends about every milestone your baby has reached.

A final thing worth a mention is that you’re better off linking your phone to a photo storage service. Considering that 70 million phones are lost each year, you’ll save your sanity knowing that your precious memories are forever accessible on the cloud. Your phone is a valuable piece of your arsenal when it comes to baby-rearing. Use it wisely. The apps above are reviewed, tested, and approved by moms and dads everywhere.

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Written by: Cheryl Conklin
Wellness Central
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