Why Do You Need the Right Size Flange?

Jul 8, 2019 | consultation, cracked nipple, Irritated nipple | 0 comments

Why Do You Need the Right Size Flange?

Imagine you want to bake a cake just for one person but you have a tin that’s big enough to feed 8 people, but you use it anyway? Your cake is going to be dried out, edges cracked and what should have been a cute plump morsel isn’t giving you what you wanted because you used the wrong size tin. The same principle applies to your flange, use a size too large and you can end up with sore, bleeding, blistered, cracked nipples that can also lead to mastitis if you aren’t getting the proper suction with your breast pump. The end result is you’re in pain and your supply is most likely going to decrease.
For more information on how to find your ideal size flange for your pump, please reach me via my website, Facebook, Instagram or text message 541-390-8649.

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