Willow Go vs Elvie OG

Apr 8, 2022 | elastic nipples, Elvie, Willow | 1 comment

I’m so happy to hear Willow has a new pump! I took a couple of weeks to see what the outcome was and so far, I am hearing great things. I thought it would be best to compare it to Elvie OG(Original), as it was the most similar to each other:

  • Willow Go is Bluetooth adaptive in terms of tracking time, suction level, and battery, but does not record output in real-time.
  • Both charge with USB cables.
  • Both pumps are completely wireless/tubeless.
  • Willow Go is $329 while Elvie OG is $549.99.
  • Willow Go is a little larger but still has a sleek design 5.3″ x 3.1″ x 4.7″,  Weighs 13.6oz. Elvie OG 5″ x 4.3″ x2.7″, Weighs 7.4oz.
  • Willow Go suction is 280mmHG. Elvie OG is 220mmhg.
  • Both pumps have standard suction levels.
  • Willow Go comes with 21mm & 24mm while Elvie OG comes with 24mm & 28mm.
  • Willow Go warranty on the motor is 1 year from purchase. Elvie OG is 2 years.
  • Willow Go has the option of 5 & 7oz containers. Elvie only has 5oz.
  • Both batteries last for up to 5 sessions or 2.5 hours of pumping (depending on settings).
  • Both are exceptionally quiet.
What I like about Willow Go,
  • Stronger
  • Cheaper
  • Sleek
  • It comes with a 21mm.
Down side:
  • If you’re active, don’t bend over or try to lay down, this is not a leak proof pump. Elvie OG leaks too if you move around to much so in this regard, they are same.
  • The warranty on the motor is only 1 year. But at this time I don’t blame not extending the warranty because the pump is so new. I am sure with time the warranty will be extended.
What I don’t like about Elvie OG: 
  • The suction holes are located near the middle of the flanges. If your nipples cover the holes, the suction will be reduced and you likely will not be able to empty as well.
  • The placement of the suction holes makes it so the milk can get into the backflow protector. Once again, you lose suction and lose a little milk.
  • Leaking may occur from the flanges as milk gets backed up in the flange and can leak down your shirt.
  • The suction is not as strong

As you can see, Elvie OG has a few little issues that can not be avoided in terms of nipple and suction placement, and that can make moms a little apprehensive if the suction is going to work for them. I do love Elvie OG and in an attempt to help Elvie OG users, I even went as far as to create my own inserts to help moms with some of the issues listed. If you want more details on Elvie, I have several blogs that cover it starting with this one. (Pumping Pretty Inserts & Elvie)

End Result

From my point of view, having sized moms for several years, I think this is a much better pump over Elvie OG. Two things: First I like the fact Willow Go has a stronger suction, which can make all the difference for the majority of users to empty better, and second; The location of the suction holes is a non-issue with Willow Go. Let’s congratulate both companies! They are doing what it takes to get better options for pumping moms.

Info was gathered from company websites, personal experiences, and opinions from current users.

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