Willow 3 Pump – Why Your Size Matters

Sep 4, 2020 | Willow | 0 comments

 Updated: I released my invention of inserts to help moms with Elastic and Flat Nipples. Click HERE to see them!

Willow 2.0 and 3.0 are advertised as cordless and hands-free pump that is revolutionary for moms. While I agree that being hands-free and cordless is fantastic, it falls quite short of being gentle on your nipples. The Willow has a constant suction pattern that continuously holds onto your nipples. Most, who have flange sizes that are too large describe the appearance of their nipples as tater tots. Often leaving their nipples discolored, white, purple, flaming red, and sore for hours after use. What the Willow does is put so much suction on your nipples and areola, in all the wrong areas; leaving excessive swelling. Often resulting in Vasospasms.

Continual use of improper size flanges could eventually cause:

•Micro cuts or fissures to your nipples allowing candida to grow. This can result in infections such as thrush, staph, and MRSA.

• Friction blisters, milk blebs

• Excessive swelling of the nipples for hours

• Pain and pinching

•Taking longer to empty your breasts

• Discoloration of your nipples; and

• Clogs.

Help improve the effects of the Willow suction by first getting sized. Did you know that sizing for the Willow pump is different than any other pump on the market? Save The Milk’s sizing for Willow is also quite different than what the company advertises. The Willow provides sizes 27mm, 24mm, and 21mm, and they have generalized their sizing guide to fit those three sizes but since the release of their own silicone inserts are now providing options for 15mm, 17mm and 19mm. However, the sizing is not as precise as it can be just yet. 

If you are familiar with my work you will know that every nipple is unique and those sizes do not fit all. Moms’ nipples are to be treated with care. Precise measurements and ongoing daily support are what I offer to moms to help them overcome swelling, pain, low output, and discoloration from the Willow. You have spent a lot of money on a pump and I want to make sure that it does not hinder your lactating journey as the Willow has for many. I highly recommend getting the Pumping Pretty Support System to get you your size and the support you need. 

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